ITAN Travel Agency

“We are here before your trip, during your trip, and after your trip.”

About Our Organization

Our travel consultants have over twenty years of experience in the travel industry. We speak five languages so it enables us to communicate with locals to make sure that our client’s needs are met. We devote the majority of each day to researching creative travel solutions and networking in the industry to provide our clients with the most travel options available.

We are committed to our customers and live by the Travel Group’s business philosophy. We’re not here just to book a ticket, we’re here before, during, and after your trip. Our telephone lines are always open. Our convictions are heartfelt. We love to travel. And if we can provide our clients with the best rates and service available at any time to any destination, they will love the travel experience too, and we will win a loyal client.

The Travel Group’s professional staff are devoted to creating the optimum travel experience for corporate and individual clients.

The Travel Group is proud of our affiliation with IATAN.

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